Femilift - By Alma Lasers - Vaginal Tightening Laser treatment

Looking to expand your clinical portfolio and diversify your patient reach?

A versatile minimally-invasive outpatient solution, treating various feminine indications quickly and effectively

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    Added Value for Your Clinic:

    • Tap into a new, lucrative market of vaginal remodeling
    • Versatile platform yielding high ROI - multiple feminine health & cosmetic surgery indications
    • Exclusive non-ablative mode
    • Unique Pixel technology

    FemiLift opens your clinic to a wider range of patients, varying in age and life phases, broadening your reach and adding real value to your practice.

    FemiLift treats a wide range of feminine indications:





    • LabiaPlasty
    • Bleaching
    • Condyloma
    • Labia tightening
    • Scars revision
    • Lichen Sclerosus
    • Vulvodynia


    • SUI
    • VVA
    • Laxity
    • VIN
    • Condyloma


    • CIN
    • Condyloma
    • Cervical Erosion

    "FemiLift yields a high level of patient satisfaction and quick recovery time. It is a highly acceptable procedure for patients seeking a top quality treatment, efficiency, and superior lasting results."

    Dr. Alexander Bader MD, FAAOCG,
    European Board OB/GYN - Reconstructive and Cosmetic Gynecologist. Founder and President of The European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology, (ESAG) London, Dubai, Athens

    "FemiLift represents a novel approach for outpatient medical treatments, with excellent treatment results, paving the way for new, safe & efficacious outpatient surgical treatment options."

    Prof. Paolo Scollo,
    President S.I.G.O. Rome, Italy