Clear your skin of PSORIASIS quickly & effectively, and restore your natural pigment lost in VITILIGO with the 308 EXCIMER.

308 Excimer by Alma Lasers is a safe, powerful and highly precise treatment solution for autoimmune diseases of the skin. Using intense monochromatic UVB light therapy, 308 Excimer uses a 308nm laser wavelength to effectively target skin lesions while leaving healthy skin protected and intact.
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    "The 308 EXCIMER SYSTEM has revolutionized the therapy of pruritic, inflammable skin diseases! It is highly effective for all the indications of an excimer laser and achieves fast, long lasting results. At the same time it is a small, handheld device and very easy to use"
    Dr. Dirk Gröne, iD, Interdisziplinäre
    Dermatologie, Berlin
    Quick Treatment. Effective Results.
    Clinically-Proven Harnessing the power of the Excimer laser to treat autoimmune diseases of the skin.
    Pain Free Treatments are100% painless.
    Safe and Precise Targets only the affected areas, leaving the surrounding skin unexposed and unharmed.
    No Downtime You can return to your normal activities immediately after treatment.
    Quick Treatment Treatments are quick with visible results after only a few sessions.